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Be An Ambassador

Being an Ambassador for Talegate is an opportunity to get real-world, hands on experience in sports. We pride ourselves in managing an organized program that provides tangible skills for students to pursue and explore their interest in the world of sports.

What You'll Learn

Content Creation & Planning

Understanding how to create content is imperative to success in the sports industry. If you're interested in sports media and marketing, learning how to create compelling content can give you a unique advantage.

Audience Growth & Management

In the Talegate Ambassador program, you’ll build an audience from the ground up. Learning how to build an audience means optimizing the acquisition funnel and creating the right building blocks to fundamentally create something people want to be apart of.

Brand Management

Brand! Brand! Brand! Talegate as a brand is very new, with your help, we'll create something special on campus and foster the brand in the early stages of development.

Mobile App Growth & Marketing

In addition to building the brand, we're going to target and attract the right audience. With experience in marketing mobile applications through omni channel programs you can do take your skillset anywhere.

Tactical Execution

Planning is king, but execution is queen. In the Talegate program, we'll create omni channel execution programs to bring more people to Talegate and build the audience, ultimately furthering the brand and build significance on campus.

Social Storytelling

Everything in sports revolves around telling a story, sales, media, marketing, you name it. You need to learn how to do is tell a story. We want you to come out of the program with a fundamental and comprehensive skillset to tell a great story.

What You'll Do

Manage Digital Marketing

We take an omni-channel approach to growth, but by far one of the biggest opportunities is through digital activation and marketing. You'll manage social accounts specific to your school and determine the content + distribution strategy to effectively create an audience of people who align with our core interests.

Build Community Around Your School

Talegate exists to further the College Football community and build a safe space for football fans to connect and share all things CFB right in the comfort of their own fanbase. Building community on campus through Talegate provides you the ability to own the story, the message and the brand as the football community develops.

Create Growth Programs

Growth is all about creativity. The Ambassador program is all about flexibility and freedom to be successful in your own niche. Together, we'll create growth programs to create more engagement and conversations from fans of your school. In building growth programs, we'll focus on demand generation and content strategy specifically.


Being apart of the Ambassador program means more than just representing Talegate on campus, you’re entering a network of other college ambassadors across the country.

Jared Horowitz, undergraduate at University of Michigan

“Working at Honeycommb with Talegate was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed interacting with the players and other avid football fans like myself!”

Lanea Tuiasosopo, undergraduate at UCLA

“Talegate was an amazing opportunity to learn about mobile app marketing and enhance my communication skills. I was inspired by the people I worked with as well as the quality of what we built.”

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